Officer numbers under threat in Mayor's new police plan

Officer numbers under threat in Mayor's new police plan

The Mayor of London has launched a new policing plan for the capital – warning that police officer numbers may be under threat.

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said that it was a mistake to consider cutting police officer numbers.

“We need the number of police officers we have now to maintain the security of London and protect the public.

“Police officer numbers matter.”

In the Mayor's Police and Crime plan 2017-2021, Sadiq Khan fires off a warning that this “Police and Crime Plan is published at the most challenging time in the MPS’ recent history.”

He adds: “Over the past four years the MPS has had to save £600m. Over the next four years we have to save another £400m. We continue to be underfunded by the Government on London’s core policing. “

“We may lose hundreds of millions of pounds more through a Government review of the way police funding nationally is divided between forces.”

Mr Khan adds: “I wish to maintain the strategic ambition of 32,000 police officers across London. I want to keep officers on the frontline, where they can make the biggest difference.

“The Government hasn’t funded us fully for the first year of this Plan, and if it does not take steps to fund policing in London properly in the years ahead, the MPS will have no choice but to consider all the options for keeping London safe, including the option of a reduced officers’ wage bill.

“I am fighting tooth and nail to protect our vital police services and make sure they have the funding they need to keep us safe now and in future.”

The Mayor highlights three priority areas that need tackling, which he says are “violence against women and girls, keeping children and young people safe and hate crime and intolerance.”

The Met’s Acting Commissioner, Craig Mackey, said: “The Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan sets some tough challenges to meet the ever changing nature of a major capital city. We welcome the ambition set out in the plan and look forward to delivering what we can with partners across London.

“We have an ambitious transformation programme which is already under way and that will deliver a 21st-century police service for London, strengthening local policing, making us more diverse, more efficient and, in short, the best police service possible for the next four years.”

You can see the Mayor's Full Police and Crime plan 2017-2021 here