Commissioner to support officers “if stop and search rises

Commissioner to support officers “if stop and search rises"

The UK’s most senior police officer an Home Secretary today heralded a potential rise in stop in search as they both threw their weight behind the power as a critical tool in the fight against street crime.

Met Police Chief Commissioner Cressida Dick said that she was ready to support her officers “if the number of stop and searches rise”.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said using the controversial power in an “indiscriminate way” would be a backwards step, but said she would support officers who used them on “reasonable grounds” in the face of rising knife and gun crime and the increasing prevalence of acid attacks.

Writing separate columns in The Times, today both Ms Dick and Ms Rudd hailed stop and search as a useful policing tool in the face of what the Home Secretary said were “signs of a genuine rise in gun and knife crime”.

Ms Dick said: “We do stop people and search people when we have reasonable grounds to suspect they may be carrying knives, other weapons (eg acid) or drugs.

“About 20 per cent of searches result in an arrest, with weapons recovered in many cases. One third of searches in total have some kind of positive policing outcome, like a warning for carrying a small amount of drugs.

“This is an extremely important power when properly used.”

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