"You are the best of London"

Emergency services have been honoured for their brave and selfless acts in responding to the Westminster, London Bridge and Finsbury Park terrorist attacks.
The Met joined City of London Police and British Transport Police yesterday to commend members of the emergency services who acted together to stop terrorists, save life, protect the vulnerable, care for the severely and mortally wounded and comfort the bereaved.
Among those honoured were Off duty PC Charlie Guenigault (pictured centre), who ran to help PC Marques after the London Bridge attack on 3 June. The BTP said they “will always be especially grateful to Charlie for his exceptional acts to save our officer”.
PC Richard Pearson was commended with his colleague for transporting PC Guenigault to hospital in a police car. They returned to the scene, moving people away from danger, caring for and treating the injured, working to save lives.
PC Mia Kerr (pictured left) was commended for her bravery. Armed only with an asp she protected her colleagues whilst they gave first aid, cared for and treated the injured and worked to save lives.
Sergeant Richard Warran and his colleague were first responders to the London Bridge attack. They carried people away from danger and made exceptional efforts to save lives and treat injured casualties.
PC Sam Balfour and his colleagues were commended after seeing the three armed terrorists in Stoney Street and cleared the public away and supported armed officers.
Following the Westminster attack on 22 March, Tobias Ellwood MP was highly commended after he made “extensive and exceptional efforts” to save the life of PC Keith Palmer.
Chief Superintendent Jon Williams was responsible for coordinating the emergency services during the attack. He said: “I think everyone should remember that they are a hero, those that helped, stepped forward, the public and the emergency services.”
Officers who were first on the scene at Finsbury Park on 19 June were also commended for their decisive action.
Chief Superintendent Catherine Roped said: “I was really humbled as to how much the community of Islington came together at a time when they really needed to mutually support. I’m very proud my team were part of that.”
Commissioner Cressida Dick told the officers: “Many of you being honoured today don’t see yourselves as heroes, such is your commitment and self-depreciation. But you are, and those closest to you know it, and their pride in you is boundless, as is ours. You are all the best of London.”