Stop and Search an important tactic in combating knife crime

Stop and Search an important tactic in combating knife crime

The confusing message from politicians on stop and search needs to end.

That’s the message from the Metropolitan Police Federation after London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that he backs an increase in stop and search, to try and combat the ever-growing knife crime within London.

This comes after he previously announced how he wanted a reduction in the number of times police officers stopped and searched people.

Talking on LBC, Ken Marsh, Metropolitan Police Federation Chairman, talked about how important stop and search is for Police Officers and tackling knife crime.

“One death from knife crime, is one death too many.

“If we need to go out, with intelligence, and stop and search to stop this happening then that is what we will do.

“As a Father of children in London, I am all for that.”

Ken added: “All Officers wear body worn cameras, and I would ensure any Officer doing stop and search would have that body worn camera in place, as I want that transparency.

“This is where we are with policing. We want transparency. We want communities to work with us. We want to talk about it.

“We’ve got to do something. Youths in London are being stabbed to death. I don’t want that on my conscience, and my colleagues don’t want it on theirs.

“If intelligence led stop and search means that stops, then all day long we’ll do it.”