Health and Safety Update: Working To Keep You Safe

Health and Safety Update: Working To Keep You Safe

Article from the first edition of London Beat from our Health and Safety lead Deryck Wilson...

Health and Safety regulations are law and the organisation – as well as an individual – can be held accountable for serious breaches of the legislation.

Everybody has a duty in the workplace for health and safety. It is important that appointed Federation Reps complete workplace inspections.

The MPS recognises the importance of a safe working environment and safe systems of work and have agreed a protocol with the Met Police Federation for safety reps to have time to complete workplace inspections.

Grenfell Tower

In dreadfully difficult and sad circumstances, the Met Police Federation worked hard to make things better for officers’ health, safety and welfare.

We secured a breakfast for officers coming on duty at the scene and warm clothing was obtained within days of being requested – instead of the usual method of ordering by means of the Grenfell Command.

We would like to thank the MPS senior Command for their help and co-operation in this matter. Officers operating at Grenfell Tower and those at the Coroner’s Court have had to work in some awful conditions.

We thank all officers – whatever their role – for all they have done and their continuous hard work.


In June 2017, MetAir was replaced by a new safety system known as eSafety. Officers should report all near misses on this system and not on the National Federation APP.

If reported to the National Federation, near misses do not get recorded in the Met and cannot be addressed.

This has the danger of serious injury to an individual or individuals if the risk is unknown.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Board is the MPS strategic board which meets quarterly and the Met Federation is a member of this.

The board is chaired by Robin Wilkinson, Director of People and Change, and each business group is scrutinised and held to account.

I am pleased to report that the board is working and our safety, health and well-being is being addressed. If you have any safety concerns please contact your local Rep and please report any near misses. Report any failings with your Airwave radio on a form 10881.

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