Volume of missing persons cases is

Volume of missing persons cases is "unsustainable"

The number of missing person cases dealt with by the Met is "absolutely unsustainable", according to a senior officer.

Acting Ch Insp Sally DeHaan told the BBC there are "many missing persons who are reported to the police who shouldn't be".
The Met is changing the way it deals with missing person cases - often meaning representatives from a range of organisations meeting to discuss the behaviour of a child who goes missing repeatedly.
"We are identifying at an earlier stage what the risk is [to the missing person]... so that we can direct our resources to the right cases at the right time," Ms DeHaan said.
There has been a 72% increase in missing person cases in London in the past decade - equating to around 55,000 cases every year.
This costs the Met between £70m and £130m each financial year - but could be higher still. 
About 80% of missing people return or are located within 24 hours and the majority of cases are resolved without police involvement, although each still creates a cost for the Met.
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