Brothers on the beat are part of the Met family

Brothers on the beat are part of the Met family

When Inspector Jim Cole joined the Met 24 years ago, he probably would not have expected that he would one day be joined in the force by his then two- year-old brother 

But today they both play vital roles in keeping London safe.

Growing up in South East London both Jim and Patrick knew they wanted to join the police from a young age. 

Jim’s stepfather, Patrick’s father, served in the Met for 34 years and it was his experience of the job that really influenced both Jim and Patrick to join.

Jim said: “I wanted to join the police from a young age, partly due to my step father who was in the Met and partly because I wanted to do a job that really mattered to people’s lives, was different every day and dare I say it, exciting.”

Although not in the same unit, the brothers are based in the same area which means they often find themselves working together. 

It makes for an efficient work environment with both brothers sharing their experiences and knowledge with one another.

“It is fun, I have learnt a lot from Jim and it’s great to have a brothers support, but I also make sure that I treat him like any other Inspector,” said Patrick who’s a Sergeant.

Jim added: “I have an extremely rewarding job. It is hard at times and sometimes you deal with tough things, but you are part of a family. After 20 years I still enjoy coming to work and there are not many jobs you can say that about.”

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