Metropolitan Police Federation

6,419 Metropolitan Police officers were assaulted last year, new statistics reveal. That’s more than 123 every week. More than 17 every single day. 

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “These figures are appalling and should cause fury amongst every right minded member of the public.

“The shocking statistics highlight the daily dangers our colleagues sadly face – there is no such thing as a routine call or a routine job.

“We must also remember that behind ever assault number is a human being – mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and partners and sons and daughters. We have said it before and we say it again: Police officers should be going home to their families at the end of their shifts. Not to hospital.

“Our hard-working colleagues deserve the greatest of protection. We also need to see the backing of the courts in implementing these sentences as a strong deterrent. And it needs to be done consistently.”

Nationally, there were 36,969 assaults on police officers in England and Wales last year. That’s a 20%+ annual national rise. It works out as 720 assaults a week, 101 assaults on police officers every day and more than 4 assaults every hour.

11,235 police officers were injured when the public assaulted them over the past year – that’s 30 injuries to police officers every single day of the year.

Ken added: “These figures cover the last financial year so the pandemic and the numerous lockdowns that we were asked to enforce. Police officers have been on the frontline keeping people safe, risking their health and safety to do so… and then the Government thanks them by offering no pay rise for their efforts.

“How can this be right or fair? Every one of those assaulted and injured police officers will be wondering today why the Government has let them down so badly. What an appalling way to treat the men and women who have risked everything to police the last 18 months.

“Our colleagues can’t keep being treated like this. Warm words and platitudes about our bravery mean nothing. Police officers have given everything. Yet again, the Government has given us nothing.”