Metropolitan Police Federation

Chairman’s Blog January 2021

May I welcome you all to the relaunch of our website

Where do I start? It has been an extraordinary year policing the Covid-19 pandemic.  There has been unprecedented demand on all key workers; in particular on our all too often forgotten police officers, who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic trying to keep the public of London safe from the virus as well as safe from crime and disorder.

Our officers have had to interpret and enforce ever changing Covid legislation placing restrictions on people for the first time both in the home and workplace, as well as policing public disorder like the BLM protests; anti-Covid demonstrators and unlicensed music events. It is always the police who are stuck in the middle trying to keep the peace, enforce that which is not always popular and prevent those who are intent on breaking the rule of law.  It is our members who have to “engage, encourage and enforce” with the public and I am always very proud that they do so with professionalism, tolerance and good humour, often to their own detriment.

It is our officers who have been injured and assaulted; our officers who have had rest day after rest day cancelled; our officers who haven’t seen their families because they are always at work; our officers who are physically tired and mentally exhausted and also our officers who are criticised when all they are doing is upholding the law.  We have rightfully clapped the NHS key workers but we also owe a big debt of gratitude to the officers of London for the vital role they have played.

Throughout the pandemic, the Met Federation has engaged with the MPS on every concern that our members have raised to try and improve their working conditions and offer them as much support as possible. Rest assured, we will continue to strive to improve working conditions to enable you to continue to deliver a first class service to the communities in London.

As 2021 begins, may I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.