Metropolitan Police Federation

Comment Article: Keeping People Safe From Covid-19

Chairman Ken Marsh wrote the following comment article for a National Newspaper today on the reality officers are facing.

Ken said: “Anyone who thinks that police officers enjoy questioning people in the street for drinking a cup of coffee must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

“We do not want to stop members of the public in parks and ask them where they are going or how far away they are from home.

“It is not in the DNA of a British bobby to enforce the law without compassion or common sense.

“But we must show tough love if we are to protect people and save lives from the Covid threat which has now reached alarming levels.

“As a consequence, our normal methods of enforcing the law have been forced to change.

“Our model of policing by consent has become one of enforcement along more military lines.

“Unfortunately there is still a hardcore of idiots out there who are not complying with the law and we have to deal with them.

“For the next few months we need the public to be understanding of the job we have to do and also to shoulder their own responsibility for staying safe.

“Police officers do not like this situation one little bit, but there is no choice in the matter.”