Metropolitan Police Federation

“She is an ethical, courageous and highly competent police leader” – Metropolitan Police Federation Statement on Commissioner Cressida Dick:

The Metropolitan Police Federation has noted the ongoing commentary about the Commissioner Cressida Dick and whether she should be granted an extension to her contract.

It is easy to comment and criticise from the sidelines.

Policing and police officers are an easy target for armchair critics.

We represent more than 30,000 police officers in London – the men and women who are out there every day, risking their safety, keeping our citizens safe.

Whilst the Federation does not always agree with the Commissioner – the same goes for anyone who holds that post – we think she is doing a good job in difficult circumstances.

Many of the voices we hear calling for the Commissioner to go are the same ones who, following the Clapham Common vigil earlier this year, rounded on our colleagues criticising their work.

They were of course proven to be completely wrong when Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary looked at the policing of the event.

We have worked with this Commissioner for a number of years now and believe she is still the best candidate for the role.

We know her to be an ethical, courageous and highly competent police leader who genuinely cares about London, its citizens and her officers.

The Federation fully supports the extension offered to Cressida Dick and we look forward to the next two years under her leadership.