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Death in Service and Terminal Illness

The death of a friend and colleague is very painful for those who are close, but it is families that suffer the greatest loss.

Nothing we can do can take that pain away, but we can ensure that the family that are left behind are given the best support possible.

For many families the uncertainty of their financial future causes extra stress on top of their grief. Faced with sorting out a loved one’s estate they can be overwhelmed with the Police Pension Scheme, government bereavement benefits and sorting out life insurance etc.

That makes it very important that we can put them in touch with someone who can help and offer the kind of support that we would want for our own family should the worst happen.

The Metropolitan Police Federation and the Metropolitan & City Police Orphans Fund are available to provide to support families at this difficult time.

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The staff at the Orphans Fund are always available to talk to families to ensure they can access and receive all the benefits that they are entitled to.

They are also available to speak with officers who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and to reassure them about the financial support that will be available to their families when they are no longer here.

If you know of a family that needs help, the Orphans Fund can be contacted on 0208 788 5140 or at


One of the most important things that an officer can do is to sort out their finances whilst they are young. We would encourage all officers to make a will but particularly those with children. The existence of a will saves loved ones a lot of unnecessary stress and uncertainty.

Officers in the Metfed Group Insurance Scheme should also check that their nominated beneficiary is up-to-date. We can help with this. Just email us at

Or download the Change of Beneficiary form from our website and email it back to us.

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Whilst the Orphans Fund exists primarily to support the children of officers, they are also willing to explain what is available to all officers regardless of the family make-up.

The Orphans Fund is a registered charity that receives a significant grant from the Metropolitan Police Benevolent Fund.  Officers contribute to the Benevolent Fund by deductions taken directly from salary. As these deductions are charitable donations, they are also taken before tax.

Metropolitan Police Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund also helps to fund the Rehabilitation Centre at Goring and the Metropolitan Relief Board.  So, if you want to contribute to the Benevolent Fund, you can find the form on our website at

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