Metropolitan Police Federation

Statement from Chairman Ken Marsh after Metropolitan Police officers left injured following anti-lockdown protest

Eight Metropolitan Police officers were injured and two hospitalised after objects were launched at them by anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine passport protesters in Hyde Park yesterday.

Ken Marsh, Metropolitan Police Federation Chairman, said “Peaceful protest may well be the cornerstone of democracy – and police officers have a role in facilitating that – but the scenes we saw in Hyde Park yesterday of a thin blue line of brave and sadly bloodied police officers coming under attack from thugs were anything but peaceful.

“Police officers are human beings who go out every day to keep people safe. Many people seem to have forgotten that right now but we will keep reminding them. Our colleagues have every right to go home to their families at the end of their shifts. Not to hospital.

“We are still in the middle of a pandemic and our unvaccinated police officers deserve greater protection. We keep talking about promises to protect the protectors. But it is all talk. Where is the condemnation from all political parties of the scenes we saw yesterday? Why is this not all over the front pages? The irony of the complete silence from the Saturday night sofas of the armchair critics when police officers come under brutal attack will not be lost on our colleagues.

“We can assure everyone that we shall be raising the scenes we witnessed in Hyde Park yesterday with senior management in the Metropolitan Police with utmost urgency. The safety of our police officers should be top of the agenda. We wish all our injured colleagues a swift recovery and will be supporting them as best as we can.”