Metropolitan Police Federation

Metropolitan Police Federation intends to cover any Federation subs rise on behalf of members

Metropolitan Police officers may not have to pay for a Federation subscription increase as the Metropolitan Police Federation intends to cover any rise on behalf of members.

Federation subs will increase for the year 2022/23 in line with any police officer pay rise, it was revealed after a vote at the Police Federation of England and Wales Annual Conference.

The subs rise – and the police officer pay rise – is likely to kick in on 1 September.

But Ken Marsh, Metropolitan Police Federation Chair, criticised the “disappointing decision” and said the MPF and the City of London Police Federation would be submitting a paper their branch board on the issue.

Ken said: “We would like to cover any subs increase for that year. We feel that’s the right thing to do. In the present climate where colleagues are being squeezed from every angle financially, this is not the right time for them to have to delve into their own pockets and pay for a subs increase because the spending has taken place elsewhere.

“So we’ll be looking with a paper to try and cover that fully so that there’s no cost incurred in the London region.”