Metropolitan Police Federation

Metropolitan Police Federation will cover the costs of any Federation Subs rise for next year on behalf of our members

We are delighted to say and confirm that Metropolitan Police officers will NOT have to pay for any Police Federation subscription increase this year as the Metropolitan Police Federation has today agreed to cover the costs of any rise on behalf of our 30,000+ members.

Subs will increase for 2022/23 in line with any police officer pay rise. The Subs rise – and officer pay rise – is likely to kick in on 1 September. The cost of this rise will now be covered for one year by the @MPFed – subject to legal/tax implications preventing the move.

Times are tough and we are pleased to be able to do this over the next 12 months for our hard working members in London who – thanks to the cost of living crisis and 10+ years of horrific attacks to our pay and conditions by the Government – are being financially squeezed.