Metropolitan Police Federation

Metropolitan Police officer PC Stuart Outten wins overall National Police Bravery Award

The overall winner of the delayed 2020 Police Federation #PoliceBravery Awards is our courageous Metropolitan Police colleague PC Stuart Outten.

PC Stuart Outten suffered multiple stab wounds and skull fractures, but managed to use his Taser to disable an attacker who was armed with a machete. In the horrific attack, he suffered six deep wounds to his head, skull fractures, and two wounds to his arm and multiple finger fractures.

Ken Marsh, Metropolitan Police Federation Chairman, said PC Outten had shown above and beyond determination and bravery to get Rodwan under arrest.

“Stuart is an absolute hero who exemplifies everything good about being a police officer,” Ken said.

“Stuart dealt with this violent man and showed great bravery to defy his dreadful injuries to get Rodwan off the streets and stop him doing harm to anyone else.

“We are all extremely proud of him as a person and as a Metropolitan Police Officer.”

Ken added: “Despite his dreadful injuries, he still has a determination to be a Metropolitan Police officer and that’s a testament to the wonderful person he is. He is a very worthy nominee for the National Police Bravery Awards.”

PFEW National Chair John Apter said: “We have the finest police officers in the world – dedicated public servants who, without hesitation, put themselves in danger to protect others. They are humble, professional and committed individuals who I am proud to call my colleagues. Police officers are everyday heroes who are anything but ordinary. My congratulations go to PC Stuart Outten and all the Police Bravery Awards nominees. They deserve every bit of recognition they receive.”

We are very proud of you Stuart for your immense work.