Metropolitan Police Federation

Realistic Fitness Testing – Update from London Beat from Equality Lead Alania Pilkington

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some clarity regarding the various rumours surrounding the Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT) and the prospect of it becoming a biannual requirement.
I can confirm that at this time there is no requirement for this test to be undertaken twice in one year. The Federation is now being fully consulted and is working closely with the Met to find an alternative process for testing fitness and ensuring officers are staying fit and healthy.
Supt Louise Puddeyfoot chairs the MPS Fitness Test Working Group. Deputy Commissioner Sir Stephen House and HR Lead Claire Davies are closely involved and are keen to see that officers are been supported.
The overall aim is to find a process to measure fitness that is both proportionate and fair.
In the interim period there are lots of great ideas being considered to assist officers and support them. There is acknowledgement that every officer is different and that running is not for everyone.

Good Health And Wellbeing
It is all too easy to underestimate the demands of policing and the toll that can take on all of us, particularly those in frontline policing roles.
This has been even more apparent during the past 18 months while policing through a worldwide pandemic – alongside the many other challenges policing our capital city regularly throws at us.
The MPS is trying to promote a culture of overall good health and wellbeing. We all have a personal responsibility to try to keep ourselves physically and mentally well.
That said, the MPS accepts that police officers work long and demanding shifts alongside trying to manage home and personal life. All of this is without the luxury of a regular routine.
Some officers are primary carers for children or elderly relatives, adding further restrictions to their already limited downtime.
The force is looking at ways it can support us in focusing on our health and wellbeing. It is developing ideas to support officers to get fit at work, with fitness instructors to help provide personal plans, and additional support from online fitness videos and advice.
I will continue to make sure that officer wellbeing is one of the many important key areas the MPS focuses on.

Fitness Working Group
Consultation will continue with the MPS through the MPS Fitness Working Group, which I sit on.
Please update your local Reps on any issues or problems relating to the JRFT so I can feed these into the Working Group.
Likewise, I will also be keeping in contact with your local Reps so they can update you.

Alania Pilkington, Equality Lead, Metropolitan Police Federation