Metropolitan Police Federation

Statement from Metropolitan Police Federation after Commissioner Cressida Dick announces she is leaving the role

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “The Metropolitan Police Federation – and The Metropolitan Police officers we represent – are saddened at the news the Commissioner Cressida Dick has been relieved of her duties.

“Frankly we think this is unfair and is the inherent danger of politicians trying to take control of policing. And to use policing and the career of the country’s most senior police leader to deflect from their own failings.

“This is of course a challenging time for the Metropolitan Police Service. But policing and police officers are an easy target for armchair critics who have never spent a day in our shoes or dealing with the daily challenges we face.

“Whilst the Federation did not always agree with Commissioner Cressida Dick, we think she was doing a good job in difficult circumstances. She genuinely cares about London, its citizens and – importantly from our perspective – her officers and their families.

“Her removal leaves a void in the leadership of London and UK policing at what is a critical time.

“Cressida Dick should have been given the opportunity and the necessary time to build back trust in the Metropolitan Police Service. She has been denied that. She should have been treated better.

“We will now – like all Londoners – await to see who politicians deem fit to lead the Metropolitan Police Service in 2022 and beyond. And to see who is willing to take up that challenge.”