Metropolitan Police Federation

Statement from Metropolitan Police Federation following report into Sarah Everard vigil

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “The outcome of this report comes as no surprise. We said on the very evening that politicians of all parties should make themselves aware of all the facts before rushing to judgement and making statements.

“But these armchair critics on their Saturday night sofas did not. The knee-jerk commentary from politicians of all parties – who as the report states were reacting to a snapshot on social media rather than the facts – has made the already difficult job of our colleagues in London incredibly harder. And more dangerous. And for that these people should be ashamed.

“As the independent report states: ‘Condemnation of the Met’s actions within mere hours of the vigil – including from people in positions of responsibility – was unwarranted, showed a lack of respect for public servants facing a complex situation, and undermined public confidence in policing based on very limited evidence.’

“We could not have said it better ourselves. This was outrageous behaviour from those who should know better and we trust as elected officials and we now call on these politicians to make themselves accountable and to apologise to our hard-working colleagues for the damage they have done.”

Ken concluded: “The thoughts of the Metropolitan Police Federation remain with the family and friends of Sarah Everard.”