Metropolitan Police Federation

The Metropolitan Police Federation needs you

The Federation is made up of all different shapes and sizes and needs to be a replication of the membership that we serve – that’s you for the avoidance of doubt.

Have you ever sat there and thought something was unfair or you saw one of your colleagues being treated unfairly by someone – either a fellow colleague or a Supervisor for example – and wanted to do something about it?

Well, you are the kind of person we need and want. I won’t lie, being a Fed Rep is at times one of the most difficult jobs in the world. You have time pressures, you are trying to manage everyone’s (at times unrealistic) expectations plus doing your normal day job. However, there is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than improving someone’s situation.

This could be as a result of just sitting there and listening to someone vent for 10 minutes, it could be (pre-Covid) putting an arm round someone and giving them a hug as they cry into your arms about a welfare matter they are currently dealing with, or you could be representing them at a Misconduct Meeting or Hearing – and all the bits in between.

There are opportunities within the Federation, and you will be given training every step of the way to support you in your role. For example Conduct and Performance, Equality, Ill Health, Advanced Advocacy, Post Incident Procedure and Sign Posting Officers Safely.

The Federation elections have started and means absolutely everyone locally within the Met Federation and Nationally – PFEW (irrelevant of their position) has to be elected. The local nomination process started on 1 July 2021 and concludes on 22 July. This is followed by elections for workplace reps in the OCU/BCUs that require them.

We require 321 Reps within the MPF to cover all our local spaces on all the OCU/BCUs plus the 10 full time spaces that we have at Bromley HQ.

This figure is worked out on the total number of police officers that we have in the MPS on one day. This number is then used for the Constitution that in essence is our local rules that we must abide by, as well as the Statute Rules and Regulations that govern the whole of the PFEW.

I would ask you to consider nominating yourself for one of the most rewarding, challenging roles, I believe there is in the police service.

Please note that you will need someone to propose you and second you in the role and they will be sent an email to confirm that they will propose or second you.

If you are interested in becoming a Fed Rep, please speak to your local Reps to find out what the role entails or drop us a line.

We will be looking at running local elections if the full quota isn’t filled so, please keep an eye on our website ( for any updates.