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Metropolitan Police Federation


MPF Statement on Police Federation of England and Wales

This past week the Metropolitan Police Federation has rightly been concentrating on the welfare and wellbeing of our members involved in an horrific incident in Hainault.

That's where our focus should lie.

On caring for our incredible colleagues and speaking up for them and the great and courageous work they do when many in politics and the press don't want to listen to that side of the story.

On representing brave police officers who have come under relentless attack on their pay, pensions and conditions - and their integrity - over the past 12 years whilst the cost of living has sky rocketed.

Whilst carrying on the job of best representing our members, we have noted some colleagues around the country putting in votes of no confidence against the National Police Federation of England and Wales - and equally questions being asked of post holders at their HQ.

The MPF has never shied away from holding our National Federation post holders to account for their work and will continue to do so - but not in this manner or at this current time.

Questions were asked of Leatherhead and we feel that they have been answered - or rationale provided as to why there could not be answers at this time - and that now we should move forward rather than continuing to have these conversations in a public arena.

Our thoughts remain with our colleagues recovering from their injuries suffered this week in Hainault.

Our focus will remain on supporting them - and the 30,000+ colleagues across London policing out there now doing a very difficult job like no other.